Falon Gong – Organ Harvesting

Live Organ Harvesting has to stop, says the Falun Gong Association
Calgary based association urges Chinese Communist Party to release prisoners

Jinling Huang is a Falun Gong practitioner that fled from China after facing imprisonment. During her incarceration, Huang was tortured and forced to renounce her beliefs. Currently, Huang is part of the Falun Gong Association of Calgary, an activist group trying to raise awareness to the issue.

“I was imprisoned because I practice Falun Gong,” said Huang, “While I was in the detention centre, I was refused food and had to stand all day and night. They kept trying to get me to write on a piece of paper that I no longer practiced.”

While in the detention centre, Huang said she sustained three heart attacks. Her husband, who lives in Calgary, advocated for his wife. After five months, Huang was released and fled to Canada.

The Falun Gong Association of Calgary is an activist group that raises awareness of live organ harvesting in China. Jenny Yang, director of communications for the Falun Gong Association, says she believes enough attention could cause the party to stop their actions.

“Falun Gong practitioners have to remain silent in China because of prosecution,” said Yang, “But the Communist Party fears outside influence, so it’s important that we raise enough awareness outside of the country.”

Falun Gong is a spiritual practice, which focuses on truthfulness, compassion and forbearance (tolerance). In 1991, there were more practioners than members of the Chinese Communist Party. This caused fear within the government, and Falun Gong became illegal. Today, those who practice are imprisoned and tortured until they renounce their belief.

And in many cases, practioners fall victim to live organ harvesting.

The Chinese Communist Party is being accused for imprisoning Falun Gong practioners, stealing their organs and killing them afterwards. The organs are then sold to those who bid highest for a transplant.

Huang also says that while in the detention, she witnessed potential actions of live organ harvesting.

Huang said she saw prisoners taking practioners into a back room, where she could hear screaming. After a while, Huang said she would hear the screaming fade, and later the body would be removed.

“The behavior was very suspicious,” said Huang, “Practioners would be pulled into this back room where the curtains and windows would be closed. Screaming could be heard in the room, which would eventually fade out. A little bit later a body would be carried out and the room would be cleaned immediately.”

This is a potential issue for Calgary, as CNOOC, a Chinese off shore Oil Company, recently bought Nexen oil.

The Chinese Consulate denies all allegations of organ harvesting.

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