The Process

Along with other organizations across the world, COVID-19 changed how we do church. And like many others, the switch from online-only services to in-person was challenging for Foothills Alliance Church. We decided from the beginning that Foothills’ tone would be sympathetic, but non-alarmist. We recognized it was important to acknowledge the negative impact of the pandemic on the church, our community and the world. But, more importantly, we ensured we continually pointed to The One who has every situation in the palm of His hand. We know God is at the beginning and end of anything we face in this world, and while we may feel things are chaotic, God is in perfect control.

When putting together a Communication Plan for Relaunch, I first drafted SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound) goals. These goals help define what our objectives and key messages are.

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The Plan

I created communication plans for both closing services and relaunching them. It was important to be strategic in how we communicated the pandemic to our external and internal stakeholders.

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Through the pandemic, I created a number of external and internal communications.